About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is John Granskou SEO, CEO of IQWaterloo.  Since 2001 I have been marketing online with a variety of products and services.

Leading IQWaterloo in SEO and Digital Marketing
Leading at IQWaterloo in SEO and Digital Marketing Management.

In 2001 I started my first restaurant directory called KWRestaunts.com which successful had 500 restaurants subscribing to an annual listing.  Now that is being revamped to some not so local called MenusVenues.com.

From 2002-2006 we working with various computer conglomerates and ranked number one for keywords like “Used Computers, Refurbished, Off Lease Computers, Servers and Laptops”.

2007-2009 we ranked first place for "Unlimited Long Distance, Unlimited Cell Phone Plans" so to can just image the competition we were up against.  Then in 2011 we join Vistaprint in the top rankings for "Order Bubnsiessa Cards Online".

Now we just having fun developing tons of online committees for fun and this little blog cal SEO Penthouse is an experience to help follow online marketers reach their goals with the best Affiliate Marketing Tools, Internet Marketing Advice and SEO Tools and Tips.

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